Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation


Injury Rehabilitation Programme

Is designed to help you recover from an injury or condition, in order to get you back into your best fitness shape in a safe and controlled environment. Our experts will work in partnership with a physiotherapist or/and with your doctor, to make sure you progress in a safe but fast way and without the risks of stepping back, meaning that prevention will also have an important role on your programme. All scenarios will have to undergo an initial evaluation to verify programme’s viability.

All our programmes are based in a multidisciplinary approach, so we can be accurate in controlling the core points of your daily routine, to generate a new health environment and a different lifestyle, creating the perfect conditions for you to achieve your goals.

In this Programme you will have access to:

The Health Assessment allow us to double check any exercise contraindications. This way we increase safety and decrease any risks.

With a Body Composition Assessment, we can understand your starting point. This will help us to understand better your objectives and have measurable and precise indicators, that can be also used to evaluate further progressions.

Our complete Fitness Assessment allow us to find out your Fitness Level. This will be specific to your objectives, will decrease risks of injury and provide precise indicators in order for us to push you to your limits and evaluate further progressions.

With a DNA Test for Food Allergy & Intolerance we will be able to know what type of food will help you better to achieve your goals. We will also be able to identify any health problem, especially hormonal disorders, that may interfere with your training routine and final outcome.

Your Activity Level will be tracked for one week. This way we can be accurate when prescribing your exercise routine, as well as setting your calories goals for each week.

A Diet Plan will be provided according to your preferences and data from the food intolerance test. This way we control your calories intake, provide the exact amount of nutrients needed for you to perform at your best and achieve your goals in a safe and controlled environment.

Personal Training Sessions will be prescribed and delivered by our fully qualified Personal Trainer, how will have access to all the previous information to prescribe the perfect workout sessions for you. This will help you to make the most of your time and achieve your goals in a safe and enjoyable environment.

We will perform Monthly Assessments to your Health, Body Composition and Fitness Level. With all the information collected we can keep track on your progression. This is also a way to adjust your weekly routine, be aware of the changes and new goals and challenges that may come.

We also recommend specific Massage that will help you to enjoy the plain functionality of your body, decrease muscle tension, reduce the risk of injury and increase your performance, achieving the real wellbeing.