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I have been training with David for nearly four years and in that time he has not only transformed the way my body looks, but he has also – perhaps more importantly – changed the way I think and feel about fitness. Historically I was a reluctant exerciser but his passion and enthusiasm for sport and wellness have been infectious and I now look forward to working out and enjoy pushing myself to new limits.
David is aware of what I am capable of and, while he will seriously challenge me (he is tough!), he doesn’t push me to a place where I feel I can’t do something. This combination of encouragement and persistence has given me greater confidence in both our sessions and in the gym when I work out alone and has led to a great sense of accomplishment.
David is a skilled and thoughtful trainer with extensive knowledge of sports and fitness and he places a high value on correct form so I have never worried about injuring myself. He uses a combination of diverse training methods from weight lifting to circuits to boxing and the sessions are highly individualized and never boring. David listens to what I want to achieve and adapts the programme accordingly.
On a personal level it is worth saying that as a long-time client of his, I have never felt like he was just going through the motions with me – I believe that he genuinely cares that I reach my goals.  David loves coaching people, he is fun to train with and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Francesca Zampi

 Producer at Found - www.thefound.co.uk


“A session with David is by far and away the most effective exercise imaginable. I have always enjoyed exercise and training but David has taken me to a completely new level. His sessions are tough, focused and professional. I feel strong and powerful thanks to David’s unending support, encouragement and enthusiasm. His warm and personable manner means I could not recommend David more highly.”

Anna Poyser

Physiotherapist and Mum



“In simple words; I have never trained with a better trainer than David Diafat.After many years working as a fashion model, living in New York, Paris and in London, I had 4 children. I saw my body shape change rapidly. Pregnancies are hard to recover from and I felt I would never look the same.But then I met David, and now my whole outlook on health and fitness has changed. I am convinced that with a trainer like him, anyone can ‘get back on track’ and regain their motivation and confidence.My physical shape nowadays, is better than ever, thanks to David.My focus used to be to be skinny, but now I want be strong and toned and David has structured our session so well that I have managed to achieve that goal.He is not only the best P.T I ever trained with, but he is also a great person.”

Frida Lourie

Mum and Model


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“I’ve been a client of David’s for many years now and he was a huge support for me when training to get my body back into shape after my 3 children. He’s a great teacher, as well as hardworking and knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and healthy living. Ideal for working around a busy schedule, whether you’re a beginneror a pro, I’d definitely recommend him.”

Caroline Stanbury

Owner and CEO of Gift-Library.com and The Wedding Shop


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“David is a fantastic trainer.  He came highly recommended and we began 6 weeks after the birth of my second baby- I have not looked back since. David is a relaxed, happy and accomodating person.  He is patient and enthusiastic, tailoring my sessions based on my feedback and where he thinks I need to improve.  I need someone to push me within a safe boundary and David is able to do that well.  Our sessions are fun and hard, and I truly look forward to training.  He is constantly changing our routines to keep me interested and on my toes!  What is also great is that David has a holistic approach with a supportive team of other trainers, yogists, pilates instructors, nutritionists, physiotherapists and the list goes on.  It’s nice to know that I can trust his recommendations.  My body and strength has really changed over the past 4 years and we are both proud of my achievements. I would not trust anyone else!”

Maryam Zamani