Sport Massage Theraphy


Tight Muscles? Joint Pain? Sprain? Postural Correction? Rehabilitation ?

Whether you are a professional athlete, an amateur sportsperson or simply enthusiastic about fitness, a sports massage is as fundamental to fitness as stretching or warming up and like these basic routines is designed to help prepare and condition the body against the pressures of intensive or even relatively light exercise. Used regularly to maintain good muscle and joint health, Sport Massage will avoid the initial build up of tensions or stress upon your body that can lead to more extensive or even major injury.

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage
Provides intensive stress relief
Reduces tension
Encourages relaxation
Re-energizes tired and exhausted bodies
Breaks down scar tissue and improves circulation
Clean the body from toxins
Boost effect allowing nutrients and oxygen in

Pre Event Massage

Decreases muscle tension
Reduces the risk of injury
Enhances physical performance
Aid to exercise warm-up

Post Event Massage

Speeds up the removal of waste from the muscles
Ensures a faster recovery
Improves range of movement and joint flexibility
Stimulate lymphatic system
Accelerate the healing process

Remedial & Rehabilitation Massage

Reduces and helps eliminate pain and dysfunction
Restores the body to a pre-injured condition
Improves movement and joint flexibility
Decreases the risk of injury reoccurrence
Postural Correction
Restore natural symmetry of the body
Reduce pain and discomfort
Minimize injury suppressing compensation faulty movement patterns
Ensure the body functions optimally

Massage Techniques

Soft Tissue Release
Trigger Point Therapy
Connective Tissue System
Muscle Energy Techniques
Taping and Strapping


How does it work ?

Together we….

  • Start with a  brief confidential consultation to assess the presenting problem
  • Tailored a program with you before beginning the treatment.
  • Explain how to manage and address the problem or injury to ensure a quick and responsive recovery
  • Ensure a constant communication for the massage to be a positive experience

And you …

  • Will Feel the benefits immediately
  • May experience some soreness after the massage, but…
  • Will feel much better for it
  • Allow 1 hour 30 mins for the first appointment
  • Bring comfortable sportswear: shorts, t-shirts….
  • If you have a referral from another therapist please bring this with you.

Keep in mind…
However, breaking down scar tissue, adhesions and chronic tension that have built up over time could take a few sessions to release
A program combining deep tissue and advanced massage techniques, stretching, relaxation and postural awareness is recommended.
Regular Deep Tissue Massage can form part of your healthy lifestyle to prevent scar tissue, adhesions and areas of chronic tension from building up.

For more enquiries please contact:

M : +44 (0) 7947935210

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