Compex wireless

Electrostimulation allows you to perform intense muscular work without cardiac or mental fatigue, reducing stress on joints and tendons. This technique is originally used by the medical community to maximise your potential effort by focusing on 3 elements:

•Treating your muscles and reducing joint pain
•Recovering after an intense training
•Improving muscle strength
•Restarting sporting activities in a smooth way
•Optimising athletic performance
•Optimising recovery after strenuous exercises
•Rehabilitation after giving birth
•Treatment of loss of mobility for seniors
Treatment planThe personal trainer will target two main areas, the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, joints) and the neurological system. The personal trainer corrects your posture and strengthens atrophied muscles. The electrical stimulation does not replace sport practice but is a complementary technique suitable for those who want to tone their body and develop their muscle performance.


•Improve your functional level
•Improve your sport level
•Improve your recovery after a hard training
•Improve your muscle balance


-2 times per week
-30 minutes per session